Winter is coming!

The wait is over! After a seemingly endless hiatus, Game of Thrones returns tonight! To celebrate the occasion, here’s a picture that could easily have come from behind the wall.

This is actually a remote artic road, also known as a white road, that connects Murmansk to the fishing village of Teriberka, both North of the Artic Circle on the shores of the Russian Barents Sea. This picture was taken at the end of January, when the daylight is brief, but full of the magic colours that only the great North can give. This is the kind of landscape where it would not be too surprising to see a group of White Walkers passing by.

If you’d like to discover Russia’s Great North and feel like Jon Snow exploring the world behind the wall, do get in touch and we can organise a tailor made tour for you. We provide everything, including photo and post-production lesson, but remember that you’ll have to bring your own weapon made of “dragonsteel”, or Valyrian steel, in case we do find some White Walkers! 😉


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