Lala Tulpan in Ufa, or “when the weather doesn’t play nice”

Ufa is one of the (many) Russian cities I really want to go back to. As I wrote in a previous post (The “evil” sun of Bashkortostan), when I visited the capital city of the Republic of Bashkortostan the incredibly warm welcome I received from the local people was matched only by the freezing cold temperature outside: -30 degrees and... Continue Reading →

The “evil” sun of Bashkortostan

The first time I arrived in Ufa, after a quick 27-hour train trip from Moscow, it was about 30 below, with a heavy snowstorm and strong winds. Not the best weather to fall in love with the place and definitely horrendous conditions to take pictures, as visibility was almost nil. Conditions only improved on the... Continue Reading →

The White Winter

Russians say that in their country there are only two seasons: the White Winter and the Green Winter. Depending on latitude, the Green winter can begin anywhere from as early as April to as late as June. As the name implies, when the Green winter begins, nature turns a wonderful, lush green. But that does... Continue Reading →

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