Cappuccino with a straw – Culture shock n.2

The first time a friend of mine ordered a cappuccino, I just HAD TO take a picture. Now, aesthetically, this is wonderful. But as an Italian I find it wrong on sooooo many levels! 😉

I have travelled to enough countries to know that, as soon as you cross Italy’s borders, the cappuccinos start to grow in size. In Russia I haven’t found the “bathtub” size that you often get in the USA, but still you get a lot of drink for your buck.

The steamed milk foam is pretty good, dense, with the proper micro-bubbles. But why, oh why, does it sit right atop the coffee and the hot milk is at the bottom of the glass? But the biggest surprise, by far, is that what looks, at first, like some sort of decorative plastic cactus, is actually a couple of drinking straws! Now, that is definitely a first for me!

Have you ever been served a HOT drink (cappuccino or other) with a drinking straw? Let me know in the comments!


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