Lala Tulpan in Ufa, or “when the weather doesn’t play nice”

Ufa is one of the (many) Russian cities I really want to go back to. As I wrote in a previous post (The “evil” sun of Bashkortostan), when I visited the capital city of the Republic of Bashkortostan the incredibly warm welcome I received from the local people was matched only by the freezing cold temperature outside: -30 degrees and... Continue Reading →

Clowning around in Moscow – Photo Tip!

What's better than a sunny autumn afternoon to walk around Moscow and take picture of unusual sites?  The many boulevards of Russia's capital are an ideal place for a pleasant stroll, with their trees still green and lush.  An easy choice is that of Tsvetnoy Boulevar (Russian: Цветно́й бульва́р), served by a metro station by the same name.... Continue Reading →

Heroes without a single picture

Inside the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin you can see a display (like an open-air museum) of WWII military vehicles. Amongst them, the famous Katyusha rocket launcher, a series of guns, trucks, tanks and even a Lavochkin La-7 fighter plane and the sail of Soviet submarine S-13. What struck me most are not the vehicles themselves, but rather the "photo mosaics"... Continue Reading →

Floating watermelons at GUM

As I wrote in a previous post, Moscow's most famous shopping mall, GUM, "dresses up" differently for each season. This year the central fountain still display the floating watermelons (and cantaloupes on the upper portion of the fountain). The rest of the mall is dressed up in fall colours, with red-leafed trees "sprouting up" at... Continue Reading →

When absolute beauty turned into absolute horror

Suzdal is a wonderful little town in Vladimir Oblast. It is one of the oldest Russian towns, and it is the smallest of the Russian Golden Ring towns with population of less than 10,000, but a major tourist attraction. Several of its monuments are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Wikipedia lists 17 notable monuments in the city and there are even more... Continue Reading →

The Aurora at Sunset – Photo tip

Having being launched on 11 May 1900 and commissioned on 29 July 1903, the Russian Cruiser Aurora stands today as the oldest commissioned ship of the Russian Navy, still flying the naval ensign under which she was commissioned (even if today it's under the care of the Central Naval Museum). She is still manned by an active service crew commanded by a Captain of the 1st Rank.

Music in the Moscow Metro

I wrote before about how stunningly beautiful the Moscow Metro is. Take for instance the Komsomolskaya station (you can read about it in my post "A Museum with Two BILLION Visitors"). But did you know that Russia's capital city metro can also be entertaining? Street musicians are a common sight in metros around the world, but the... Continue Reading →

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