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As I wrote yesterday, a good picture should always tell a story. So, in this respect, today's picture in not a good photo, as it does not tell much of a story on its own. But this time it comes with a real story. And I think it's a story that deserves to be told... Continue Reading →

The Great North

A couple of years ago I saw a very intense Russian movie: Leviathan. The story takes place in Teriberka, a fisherman village on the Barents Sea. I was immediately hooked: the barren location is spectacular in itself and the light of the great North is just, how can i put it?... magic. Getting to Teriberka... Continue Reading →

Evening activities in Suzdal

Suzdal is one of the oldest Russian towns and the smallest of the Russian Golden Ring towns. In spite of being a very popular tourist destination, for Russians and foreigners alike, it is still possible to visit Suzdal in the winter time and experience the quite life of a rural town in the evening, when locals go... Continue Reading →

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