Pizza with figs in Murmansk – Gordon Ramsay approves!

Pizza with figs in Murmansk - Gordon Ramsay approves. As mentioned in the title, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay explicitly approves figs on a pizza, as this tweet from last October clearly demonstrates. I doubt, on the other hand, that he would approve the underlying pizza, with semi-melted mozzarella(?) shreds and some sad, sad looking salad leaves in the middle!

Peter the (un)great

If you walk toward Palace Square in Saint Petersburg, before passing under the late 18th century arc by George von Velten and the monument to the 1812-1814 Russian victories over Napoleon, you might encounter a diminishing representation of Peter the Great, the likes of which would have probably pleased Lenin himself! This is actually a prank by... Continue Reading →

The Stereotype Hotel

When I booked this hotel a couple of years ago I didn't know I was in for a surprise (or two). I was in a hurry and I needed an affordable accommodation close to Domodedovo airport with an airport shuttle to catch an early morning flight out of Moscow. The hotel above met all my... Continue Reading →

The “evil” sun of Bashkortostan

The first time I arrived in Ufa, after a quick 27-hour train trip from Moscow, it was about 30 below, with a heavy snowstorm and strong winds. Not the best weather to fall in love with the place and definitely horrendous conditions to take pictures, as visibility was almost nil. Conditions only improved on the... Continue Reading →

Moving on up

Every good picture should tell a story. But it doesn't have to be a true story... So, this picture, to me, tells the story of Yaroslav and Mihail. Yaroslav, 52,  comes from an old noble family. He bears an important name, the one of Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Rus'. He is an entrepreneur... Continue Reading →

Come for protections

Saint Isaac's Cathedral in Saint Petersburg has a relatively short, but very rich history. Built over the course of 40 years, from 1818 to 1858, using revolutionary techniques and barring no expense, it served as a church for little more than a half-a-centuty, before the Soviet Government stripped it of religious trappings and in 1931 turned it... Continue Reading →

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