A (Russian) Room with a view

In my previous post I mentioned how expensive renting or buying a house or an apartment in Moscow can be.

Today I want to focus on how rewarding it might be, though. Let’s pretend money is not an issue. What is the best of the best of the best you can buy in Moscow, real estate wise?

Of course the answer is going to be a matter of taste and giving a definitive answer is impossible, just like it would be, for example, for a car: what is better? A Ferrari or a Rolls?

But for me, maybe because I am a photographer, the number one most desirable quality in a home is the view. Or, at least, A Room with a View, like the 1908 novel by English writer E. M. Forster.

The feature image of this post is a view of Moscow City taken from Europe’s highest restaurant. Here you can read about a couple of photo tips for Moscow City and here you can discover more about Europe’s highest restaurant. But I digress…

I absolutely fell in love with that view. I don’t know about you, but I really think it is “a million dollar view”. And apparently someone took that estimate very seriously.

One of the hottest new developments in Moscow is called Neva Towers. They are not sponsoring this blog. But I wish they were. Oh, boy! I so wish they were and they gave me a “review apartment”…

Anyway, the two towers are almost complete and right now there are a couple of special offers for, well, right around a million dollars.

For 68 281 200 Roubles (one million and 70 thousand dollars) you get 146 square meters (1,571 and a half square feet) on the 54th floor. And if you want to liven even higher up for 74 743 380 Roubles (1,171,050 dollars) you can buy a 134 square meter (1,442 square feet) apartment on the 68th floor. In both cases you also get a parking space included in the “bundle”.

Apartments (and, I suppose, prices) go all the way up to the 75th floor, topped by a one level penthouse on the 76th and a two level penthouse on the 77th and 78th floor.

These are, as they say “a little rich for my blood”, but hey:

  • if you dream, dream big! and
  • i bet they are still a steal compared to the New York apartments I enjoy drooling over on Erik Conover Youtube channel.

Seriously, though, if you had (have?) a million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, wouldn’t you want to live here? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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