A full lunch here will cost you between 3 and 7 US$! – Culture Shock n.12

Russia can undoubtedly be a wonderfully inexpensive holiday destination (see also my previous post on the price of medicine in Russia). The country’s largest cities, Moscow and Saint Petersburg in particular, offer a huge choice in prices for lodging and eating. For hotels it might be sometimes less than advisable to choose the cheapest option because even if you are not looking for a five stars experience, “clean” accommodations tend to be pricier  than you might expect. Food-wise, on the other hand, there is ample choice of low price, but high quality choices, especially if you are curious to try regional cuisines.

The “real magic” happens, though, when you leave the big cities.

The one pictured atop this post is one of Tver’s finest restaurants. It is a wonderful, welcoming establishment (maybe even a touch too formal) in the very center of town and it offers high quality food, very nicely presented and made with top notch fresh ingredients. But this post doesn’t want to be a promotional piece on this particular restaurant (which, I do recommend, by the way), but rather the “revelation” that having lunch here costs between 3 and 6 Euros or US Dollars! 

Business lunch menu: 2 courses for less than tree dollars and 4 for less than six!

For me, as an European, that was so hard to believe I decided to take a picture of the menu:

For 200 Rubles  – less than three Euros!you get an appetizer (it’s written salad, but remember that in Russia the concept of a salad is slightly different and a Shuba, a Mimosa or an Olivye are considered as salads!) a hearty soup (such as Borscht or an Ukha) bread and a drink.

Add another 70 Euro cents (or 85 US dollar cents) and you get a choice between the appetizer and the soup and a main course with a side, besides bread and a drink.

Feeling hungry? The “Full monty” with appetizer, soup, main and side, bread and a drink is well under 6 Euros and just about 7 US dollars with the current exchange rate!

Tver Restaurant Appetizer
The appetizer (on the menu this is referred to as “salad”) of my 3 Euro lunch! Isn’t this amazing? The picture quality is awful as I just snapped it with an old phone… to hungry to do proper food photography!

I am not saying that every business lunch offer in Russia will give you as much quality and at such a low price, but this is no exception, either.

TRAVEL TIP! One of the joys of living in (or just visiting) the largest country on Earth is that you get to go out and try a huge number of restaurants, while spending less than if you were to go to McDonalds! 🙂



Would you like to visit one of Russia’s delightful and charming “minor cities” and discover just how much the largest country on Earth has to offer?  Then do get in touch and we’ll be happy to create an unforgettable tailor-made experience for you!




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5 thoughts on “A full lunch here will cost you between 3 and 7 US$! – Culture Shock n.12

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  1. I ‘ am Argentinian and I’ll travel to Russia in September, but it is easy eat in restaurants unknowing the languaje…???

    Very interesting your comments


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    1. Dear Irene, unfortunately not too many people in hospitality (hotels and restaurant) speak English and English menus are not so common. It is definitely easier in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, though. If you want “a hand” (a translator, guide and so on) during your travel in Russia do not hesitate to get in touch! 🙂

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  2. Dear Niccolo, thanks for your answer!!!
    are you Italian??
    Do you understand spanish?
    I would like to ask you something about Italy.
    I plan to be there on the same trip to Russia

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