Nothing says Business Formal Attire like… – Culture Shock n.11

Imagine you have a clothing store on a central street in a medium-sized Russian city, (about half a million people). Of course you want the maximum possible number of people to see the clothes you sell, in the hope they will like them and come to buy them from you. Your clothes range from business casual to business formal attire and they are all rather traditional.

There is an old saying that goes all press is good press, meaning that as long as the press (nowadays the media) talks about you, it doesn’t really matter if they say good or bad things about you. Your name “gets out”, people hear about you or your business, and they are, therefore, more likely to remember it. You get exposure.

The question is: does the same principle apply to the windows of your clothes store?

The owner of one particular clothes store in Tver, which fits all the aforementioned criteria, obviously thinks so.

Once he (or she) ran out of window space for shirts, jackets and trousers, he (or she) walked a couple of blocks and found what he (or she) deemed to be the perfect space to get that extra exposure for the clothes. The fact that it is a seemingly abandoned plot in front of the vehicle entrance of a run-down small factory is completely irrelevant.

Business Formal 2
THE perfect place where to showcase business formal attire.

Now, all was left to do to “think outside the box” was to put the mannequin in a box. A transparent quasi-phoneboot metal box was chosen (to give that Superman vibe? You bet!) and in went the mannequin along with a very old suitcase (to add to the mystery and make people wonder: “why the heck….”).

And now three final genius touches:

  1. Put the box on concrete cinder boxes, like a car that had its tires stolen. A fond memory we all have and can relate to.
  2. Dress the mannequin in the darkest clothes you have. At night it will appear like a ghost seemingly out of nowhere. It is a known fact that people remember emotions more than facts and figures, and they will all most certainly remember the ghostly mannequin that scared the crap out of them that winter night…. and will surely want to visit the store to revive that wonderful memory and look for more.
  3. And last, but not least, don’t write the name (let alone the address) of the store anywhere! Let the people wander how “the man in the box” came to be. Is he an alien? What great fun to roam around the neighborhood looking for a store that sells the same dark, drab clothes!

I am in awe of the marketing prowess of this store owner! His marketing kung-fun is stronger than mine!


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