Sometimes you don’t need to speak Russian…

Sometimes you don’t need to speak Russian…. to understand Russian signs! ūüėČ

This is a pretty funny (I think) hand made sign I’ve found on a metal fence, right next to a popular free beach close to Zavidovo.

In spite of the bad habits, because of which this sign had to be put up, Zavidovo actually has a pretty “glorious” history and status. First of all, it is still today one of the¬†Inofficial residence places for the¬†President of Russia. Moreover, during the¬†Soviet era¬†it was described as the “Politburo¬†hunting preserve”¬†and the “Soviet equivalent of¬†Camp David“. The then¬†¬†United States Secretary of State¬†Henry Kissinger¬†visited in May 1973 and was informed that it was a great honour to be invited there, being only the third foreigner (after¬†President Tito of Yugoslavia¬†and¬†President Urho Kekkonen of Finland) to be invited.

It remains unclear to this day if it was one of these three to start the custom of peeing on metal fences near the beach. ūüėČ




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