Lenin’s mosaic

Just a couple of blocks away from one of Moscow‘s most modern (and “western looking”) buildings, the Planeta KVN, you can still see a 1950s looking mosaic with so many symbols of Soviet culture. Resting on the side of a grey, anonymous office building on the city’s third ring road, its colours are faded but reminiscent of the promises for a bright future that permeated the Soviet ideology.

Here you can see its location (and how “out of time” it appears next to modern day cars) in Google Maps.

Apart from the omnipresent cosmonaut and industrial symbols, the central part of the mosaic is dedicated to the education of the youth and at the bottom there is a quote from Lenin himself:

it is necessary that the whole matter of the upbringing, education and teaching of the youth should be brought up in it by a communist morality.


The Bolshevik leader had always been very much concerned with the education (or should we say “indoctrination”?) of the youth. Two of his famous quotes read:

  • “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world”.
  • Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted”.

One of Lenin’s first speeches on the matter, from which one could already see the determination in pursuing the object of indoctrination, dates back to October 2, 1920 and it was delivered at the The Third All-Russia Congress of The Russian Young Communist League, before being integrally published on the (in)famous newspaper Pravda (literally: “the truth”). A particularly significant quote, almost at the very beginning of the speech reads:

Only by radically remoulding the teaching, organisation and training of the youth shall we be able to ensure that the efforts of the younger generation will result in the creation of a society that will be unlike the old society, i.e., in the creation of a communist society. That is why we must deal in detail with the question of what we should teach the youth and how the youth should learn if it really wants to justify the name of communist youth, and how it should be trained so as to be able to complete and consummate what we have started.



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