100 days, 100 posts

Time flies, when you are having fun. That’s how the old saying goes and I guess it also applies when you are posting your impressions on the largest country in the world: Russia.

Since June 10th, when I published my first post with the first picture I ever took in Russia, another 99 have followed, coming to the first blog’s milestone of 100 posts in as many days.

In case you haven’t had a chance to read them before, here’s the “top 10” (only the top 6 made it to the posts’ feature image):

  1. The Artika Train: Moscow to Murmansk
  2. Where to eat the best pizza in Moscow
  3. McUSSR – The first McDonald’s in the Soviet Union
  4. Night Trains in Russia – Travel tip!
  5. Crime and Punishment in the Moscow Metro
  6. Sixty: the highest restaurant in Europe
  7. Shopping “to dive for” in Moscow
  8. Moscow State University: the first of the Seven Sisters
  9. The house that moved and grew
  10. Bunker 42 in Moscow – a museum without its rightful heroes


Which one was your favourite post out of the first 100? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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