Art Deco, underground

This is the "second instalment" of the Moscow Underground series after the one about Komsomolskaya station. I hope this series will one day reach 243 posts, the number of stations in the Metro, but before that happens I am afraid quite a number of the new 67 stations planned to open between now and 2020... Continue Reading →

On stage with Anton Batagov

For over 20 years Anton Batagov has been "one of the most significant and unusual figures of Russian contemporary music" (Newsweek, Russian edition, 1997). A little while ago I had the incredible opportunity to be ON STAGE with him in Moscow. Sorry to disappoint you, but you are not about to find out that I am... Continue Reading →

Night Trains in Russia – Travel tip!

Trains are oh so important in the Russian culture and history. It is almost impossible to think about Russia without dreaming of a trip on the famous Transiberian railway, which in just over a week connects Moscow and Vladivostock (or Moscow and Beijing, passing through ruggedly beautiful Mongolia). The Russian word for railways is железные... Continue Reading →

The walls of Smolensk

After travelling eastbound for four hours from Moscow on the Lastochka, a recorded announcements informs you that "the train is now arriving in the Hero City of Smolensk" and you have reached a lesser known, but incredibly interesting destination. Hero City (Russian: город-герой, gorod-geroy) is a Soviet honorary title awarded for outstanding heroism during World... Continue Reading →

Spilled blood

I usually advocate the merits of avoiding tourist-traps, exploring and travelling off the beaten track. I must admit, though, that there are must-see places that you really must see when you travel to a new city. Saint Petersburg offers a number of those and the one you see in today's picture is the interior of... Continue Reading →

Winter is coming!

The wait is over! After a seemingly endless hiatus, Game of Thrones returns tonight! To celebrate the occasion, here's a picture that could easily have come from behind the wall. This is actually a remote artic road, also known as a white road, that connects Murmansk to the fishing village of Teriberka, both North of... Continue Reading →

Museum of Cosmonautics, Moscow

Amongst the many attractions of Moscow, the Museum of Cosmonautics (also known as the Museum of Astronautics or Museum of Space Exploration) is one of the easiest to spot from afar. That's because the museum sits under the huge Monument to the Conquerors of Space. The monument actually predates the museum by a whopping 17 years, as the... Continue Reading →

Fire, Water & Music

A little while ago I was taking pictures at a corporate event taking place in a yacht club on the outskirts of Moscow. It was sort of a last-minute gig for me and I got there with only a vague idea of the day's programme. I knew there would be a small regatta on the... Continue Reading →

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