Peter the (un)great

If you walk toward Palace Square in Saint Petersburg, before passing under the late 18th century arc by George von Velten and the monument to the 1812-1814 Russian victories over Napoleon, you might encounter a diminishing representation of Peter the Great, the likes of which would have probably pleased Lenin himself!

This is actually a prank by the local Wax Museum, which put a replica of the emperor in a trash bin in front of its entrance. It is not always there, as regularly some fainted heart visitors experience quite the scare when they walk past the bin and see the hand and the face coming out of it at the last minute and therefore the police asks the museum to remove the “disturbance”, only to find it there, again, a few days later.

The head is massive, as it should be, because Peter was really quite the giant, especially for the time period, Standing at 203 cm (6 ft 8 in) in height. The long hair is also appropriate for the fashion of the late 1600s, early 1700s. Why his nails are painted red, though, completely escapes me. Any suggestions on why that might be?




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