Art Deco, underground

This is the “second instalment” of the Moscow Underground series after the one about Komsomolskaya station. I hope this series will one day reach 243 posts, the number of stations in the Metro, but before that happens I am afraid quite a number of the new 67 stations planned to open between now and 2020 will already be in operation.

Every single one of the stations (with maybe the exception of those of the overground Moscow Central Circle) has its own personality. Amongst the most recognisable ones there is certainly Novoslobodskaya. The station opened on 30 January 1952, but the style is clearly pre WWII as Alexey Dushkin, the station’s architect, had started dreaming about it almost 20 years earlier.

The final result revolves around 32 stained glass panels, surrounded by an elaborate brass border, is set into one of the station’s pylons and illuminated from within. Both the pylons and the pointed arches between them are faced with pinkish Ural marble and edged with brass molding. At the end of the platform is a mosaic by Pavel Korin entitled “Peace Throughout the World.” which you can see pictured above this post.

To me it is always a very interesting fact that the Russian word МИР (read: mir like in “mirror”) means both “world” and “peace”. Peace to the world, in Russian, is therefore “Миру мир”. The first “mir” is in the dative case (to the world, peace – literally) and that is why it changes to “Миру” (read: miru).

Would you like to discover the beautiful stations of the Moscow Metro? Are you staying in the Russian capital and would like a photo tour (underground and/or overground)? Do get in touch and we can organise everything for you, including your whole trip to Russia and Moscow! 🙂




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