Price of Russian Medicine – Culture shock n.3

Sometimes Russia can be shockingly (and wonderfully!) inexpensive!

It is hard to make a list of what costs more and what costs less, compared to the West, especially because here in Russia prices of many basic necessities (e.g. vegetables) are way more seasonal. In winter you can find vegetables imported from all corners of the world, but they generally taste like water and are not worth the (relatively) exorbitant prices you pay for them. On the other hand of the scale, you can buy unwashed seasonal vegetables for next to nothing and a lot of goods and services are definitely cheap (internet, for one).

In spite of having lived in Russia for over a year now, I still get positively surprised by some prices. Take, for instance, this medicative pills I got for my cough. Ten of them cost just over 10 Rubles (roughly 15 Euro/USD cents).

Do you have such cheap medicine in your country, as well? Let me know in the comments! 🙂




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