25 below

As I wrote yesterday, a good picture should always tell a story. So, in this respect, today’s picture in not a good photo, as it does not tell much of a story on its own. But this time it comes with a real story. And I think it’s a story that deserves to be told and illustrated by a picture.

It is 25 below zero in the dead of the Russian winter, but this old lady does not enter the warm church in Suzdal. She waits outside for tourist and local churchgoers alike, a hand stretched in silent prayer for a few coins or a small note. The unwavering gaze of her blue eyes makes you question if you really can not part with a little money, considering how hard life can be for some people. She only talks to those who are kind enough to give her something: «Thank you, I am collecting money to help the local orphanage – she says – It is not for me, there is nothing I really need».

I will also throw in a small photo-tip. I took this picture with a variable aperture superzoom lens (a 28 to 300). Stopped down to f 5.6 it is basically as sharp as any other lens I own and such a wide focal range makes it the perfect “travel companion”. One extra, important bonus comes from image stabilisation, thanks to which I was able to shoot at 1/60th of a second at almost 145mm, a setting which would have likely resulted in a blurred picture (due to micro-movement) with a non stabilised lens.

You can see the picture larger, along with all EXIF info and a map of where it was shot, on my photo website: The World Photos

If you want to experience “real Russia” and get to meet real people like this lady, do get in touch and we can organise an unforgettable photo trip for you!


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