Moscow City Panorama

One of the things I love most about Moscow is its diversity. You can find buildings dating back to all ages of Russian history: from the Zar’s era to the pre-revolution and soviet times, to the ultra-modern. A prime example of the latter is the Moscow International Business Center, which everyone simply calls “Moscow City”.

In this picture there is also another element I love about Moscow. The Russian capital sits pretty much in the dead center of the East European Plain, which means that it is literally hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres away from the nearest mountains. This translates into very rapidly changing weather conditions, with fast moving low clouds. To capture that a 25 seconds exposure was enough, which is really a testament to how fast those clouds were moving.

The picture was taken with my 20mm lens, stopped down all the way to f.16 and a 10 stop filter (ND 3.0). I personally use an Haida filter and I am very happy with it. It is not one of the “famous” filter companies and I honestly don’t remember where I first heard/read about it, but I find it very nicely neutral and with a pretty good value for money proposition. As for the tripod, I opted for  a Benro travel Angel FTA18A with a B0 ball head, which is more than enough for what I need and, again, a very good value for money, IMHO.

Note: one day I will be famous and I will get loads of money for promoting my gear. So far it hasn’t happened, yet, so all the links point to information pages directly from the producers and not some resellers, so if you want to know more just click away…

In the meanwhile you can see this picture in much higher quality (and browse around) in my photography site: The World Photos.



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