Risotto (?) in a jar – Culture shock n.1

If you can’t read Cyrillic letters, the image above will likely not surprise you much. You’d think it is some kind of tomato and vegetable soup in a jar. But you’d be wrong.

The label says: “Risotto” (risotto!!) with vegetables and mushrooms. I come from the proud Italian region of Piedmont, where we take rice, and especially risotto, very seriously. We celebrate it by cooking it with Barolo wine, the king of red wines, because, as we say: rice begins its life in water and should end it in wine. Risotto is serious business. At this link you can see a few examples of what a proper risotto should look like. To see it so grossly misrepresented makes me want to cry.

Of course I am exaggerating, That’s part of being Italian, too! 😉 But seriously, even if I didn’t have the heart to try it out, I am not saying that this thing can’t be any good. Just don’t call it Risotto, for heaven’s sake!


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